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Tara Jam is quite literally fulfilling the prophecy of her name,

with Tara meaning ‘star’ and symbolizing the light of the soul.

She channels this light through her blend of artistry as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, director, and photographer—setting her up as a Toronto sensation. Her Persian Zoroastrian upbringing has infused her with a spirit for connection and fidelity to authenticity—Tara’s pursuit of music aligns with this to a T. Her sound is inspired by diverse genres; alternative, lo-fi, & pop with hues of trap & acoustic. Tara Jam has been songwriting since the age of six, has studied for over a decade in the conservatory of music, and is of third generation musical talent. The auditory acuity & wide vocal range she has grasped gives her the mastery to create & explore in all styles, all while striving to preserve (like Jam) her soul-stirring, melodious lyricism—just wait & see the waves she’s going to make.

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