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Tara Jam’s atmospheric and celestial single “DRTY” encapsulates how one feels after being done wrong, knowing they would never do the same. In pursuit of accepting the fate of experiencing treachery in solitude, the journey expresses and claims rage. The switch-up drop truly brings the track to life and elevates the entire mood and flow. 

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br*ken telephone

AThe concept of  ‘BR*K3N TELEPHONE comes from the childhood game “Broken Telephone”, where a word or phrase is whispered into someone's ear and it gradually becomes distorted with each person that it gets passed along to. The song is a reflection of the human experience—with an increase in the number of players in a game, or rather humans in a process of self-disclosure, the more filtered and less valid a thought may become as it passes through other ears and minds that have their own biases and perspectives based on exposure.

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SYNESTHESIA  is about the transformative potential of the psychedelic experience and how it can unveil spiritual realms and the multidimensionality of our existence. While synesthesia is a condition, it can also be induced by psychedelics where one sense is simultaneously perceived as another sense, such as hearing and tasting colours or smelling and feeling sounds. Created in 432 HZ, this track will create spacial harmony.

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Insomnia. The angst of knowing sleep is supposed to happen and it doesn’t, and how the mind loves this game to wonder and wander; dance and create. ’MELATONIN’ is based on an insomniac experience. A conflicting relationship with the beauty and darkness of the night, this song is inspired by consuming as many melatonin pills as you can in hopes of getting some rest.



Laced with soothing vocals and delicate harmonies, the singer takes us into a serene bedroom pop fantasy filled with celestial sensibilities and ballad-tined melodies. Detailing the story in an anime music video, the singer-songwriter brings the story to life, as we see an animated version of the singer losing herself in the moonlight from her bedroom.


invade my space

“INVADE MY SPACE” is a song about emotional, physical, and psychological space needed from oneself or another figure—i want it to be open to interpretation. I wrote this song while crammed at the back of a van in rural Nepal on my way to Kathmandu city from The Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC) (I highly recommend checking out the inspiring work they do). On that trip, I was able to find space in the hollowness of the intermountain basins and valleys from the swarming streets of the densely populated capital.

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